Rise and Shine...It's Earth Day!

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Rise and Shine! - Wouldn't you love to wake up to that each morning? Well too bad, Death? already has dibs.

Jessica over at Daughter of Opinion challenged us bloggers to snap a picture of ourselves just as we wake up. Karl (who was the first person I saw do it), Dave, Neil and Hilly all took the plunge, so I figured I should as well. The first thing that Death? said when she saw the picture was that it reminded her of Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette waking up in her big old bed mainly because of the girly comforter and pillows and the soft light. It really should be some cute little chick lying there but instead of Kirsten you get a big, poofy haired, unshaven gorilla. This picture is so going to ruin my street cred.

Of course when I think of Kirsten in Marie Antoinette, I think of this. But that's a whole other picture of me that I'm not willing to share with you today. Maybe tomorrow...if you're lucky!

Happy Earth Day!
- How did you celebrate Earth Day? Did you even know that it was today? I didn't think so.

We celebrated by driving 100+ miles to Anaheim (and a 100+ back) to see the Mariners stink it up against the Angels. It was a brutally played game by the M's made better only by the fact that we sat in the second row between first base and the foul pole. Other than the fact that the chump next to us insisted upon leaning forward meaning that we had to lean forward to see around him, they were awesome seats.

On the way to our car after the game I saw a dude and his wife climb into their Mercedes and promptly throw their parking pass out and onto the ground. I personally can't believe that anybody still litters so blatantly. To throw something out like that is totally inexcusable to me. It's completely retarded and it's also a totally egotistical, self-centered thing to do. This whole mentality that it's somebody else's job to pick it up and the fact that he thinks that the cleanliness of his precious Mercedes is so important that he can't wait and throw it away himself drives me crazy.

So what did I do to give back to Mother Earth today? I picked up Mr. Litter's parking pass for him, it's the least I could do. Of course I stuck my face right next to his window, waved it at him and yelled "Happy Earth Day, Asshole!", stuffed it in my pocket and brought it home where it will now be recycled. Hey, we all have to do our part to make this a cleaner and more healthy world...it IS Earth Day after all.


Dave2 said...

I think you manage to pull it off... your street cred is totally in tact!

Karl said...

"Happy Earth Day, asshole!" Heh, brilliant.

After seeing that pic, I'll have to watch Marie Antoinette now.

Avitable said...

Real men sleep in burlap sheets on plywood boards.

I like my comfy mattress and bedspread.

Jessica said...

This is great...I love the bedding and "soft light" - too funny!

Hilly said...

You look good in your picture and I do love the flowery sheets ;).