What Next?

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The VC Reporter, Ventura's local entertainment rag, has perhaps the most retarded letter to the editor that I have ever read...

Just when you thought, “What next?” it appears that the pro-war forces have now infiltrated the fashion industry. Apparently the media has brainwashed people to the extent that now many of us think nothing of walking around promoting the military, war, and the senseless killing of human beings.

Just step into your nearest clothing store and you’ll see why. Camouflage sneakers, socks, sandals, pants, shorts, shirts, hats and even underwear are everywhere. Oh, and don’t forget the fashion accessories — dog tags, military boots, and camouflage wallets, belts and backpacks are also all the rage.

It is especially distressing to see military-style clothing on children. What are parents thinking as they dress their young children in Army clothes? Do they want their children to join the military? Do they want their children to be sent to Iraq?

I was in a children’s clothing store the other day when a lady brushed by me and exclaimed “Oh, cute!” as she nabbed a pair of toddler-sized camouflage pants off the rack.


Have our minds gotten so twisted that war is now “cute?”

God help us.

Diana Hirth
Thousand Oaks

Look, I am a big, fat, flaming anti-war liberal and I too am against the glorification of war, but camouflage clothes have nothing to do with it. Camo clothes have been around FOREVER. They were popular when I was young, they were popular during the Clinton peaceful years and they are popular now. They come in all sorts of colors. Pink, blue, purple - you name it. But the one color they don't come in is the color that they are actually wearing in Irag right now, Khaki. You don't walk into Hot Topic and find sandstorm camo anywhere.

Only super sensitive PC'ers who haven't been to the mall since the 60's and are looking for anything to complain about really think that a camouflage wallet is promoting war. Get a grip already and complain about something meaningful. This is why the word liberal is a dirty word. You are bringing us all down.


Hilly said...

When I finally get around to doing my "I Believe" post, this is one of the things that is going in it.....the gross misuse of political correctness. I sometimes hate to tell people that I am a liberal...I always say, "but not like Michael More or anything".

MC said...

Yep... we all get tarred with the same brush as the loons, don't we.

Jesse said...

I often see only half of people, usually their upper torso, wandering around the streets. After closer inspection I usually say, "Damn! They're like a chameleon with that stuff on! If they were the enemy then I would already have garotte wire around my neck!"

Dave2 said...


MC said...

Dave, you know it's coming... you know it's coming.

Replicant said...

I'm against this war as anyone but it irritates me to no end how some people want to connect the war w/ some random, unconnected topic.

For example, I was talking to a new friend recently about how I'm not overtly patriotic much but two things that really make me want to wave the flag is the drive-in movie experience and going to demolition derbies. I mean, those two things are just completely American activities to me.

She then went on a rant about the Iraq War which has NOTHING to do w/ going to the damn drive in or watching demolition derbies!!! It's the sort of thing that makes me want to slap one of these people and I'm as much a leftist as you'll meet.