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1. The highlight of the night was The Riches premier. First of all, I am a huge Eddie Izzard fan so it's always great to see him in anything. I just hope he figures out his accent sooner or later. But that's just about the only criticism I have of the first show. I can't wait for next week so they can get into the meat of the plot.

2. But I hate FX, especially when they let Grindhouse Double Feature buy all the commercial breaks. The breaks took forever and they played the preview over and over again in addition to the behind the scenes and interviews with Tarantino and Rodriguez. During the first commercial break I thought Grindhouse looked awesome. By the end, I was pretty much sick of it. It didn't help that there were two to three minute long previews for other shows like The Shield and whatever the Courtney Cox show is called. By the time we finally got back to "The Riches", we nearly forgot that we were watching it.

3. Am I the only one that thinks that the movie Pride looks like a parody of every other movie featuring an all-black team struggling against their white counterparts? I thought Glory Road was that movie, but apparently they had to make another one, and this time it stars Bernie Mac. Woo Hoo!!!

4. Before "The Riches" (and after) we watched Chinatown, one of those classic films that we have never seen. I didn't expect it to be a really happy movie or anything but I never expected it to be so, so messed up. Can that movie end in a less satisfying way? I guess there isn't any other way to end it, but damn, what a downer. That being said, it is a great film (that I never have to see again) and it 's no wonder that Jack Nicholson is such a huge star, he is incredible in one of his first big film roles.

5. Finally, on The Colbert Report tonight, Stephen had a statistic from an article that came out sometime last week that said that 50% of high school students believe that Sodom and Gomorrah were married. Look, I admittedly don't know the bible very well, but even I know how wrong that statement is. Do you?


MC said...

That Sodom and Gommorah stat makes me feel SO much better about the world because it proves that the American teen ignorance problem is not confined to the more secular subjects.

Karl said...

God, everyone knows that Sodom and Gommorah were just living together, not married.

narnarnarnar said...

The Two Jakes is one of those awful sequels that almost manages to ruin the original. I should've been tipped off by Jack Nicholson directing it himself. Nobody warned me, but I'll warn you...