Sure Enough, I'm 30

Posted by Brandon |

The scene: Las Vegas Boulevard. The Date: March 18th - my birthday. The Time: 4:30 AM after a long St. Patty's Day. The Age: 30.

Yep, I'm really worried about growing all serious and changing now that I'm a year older.


Dave2 said...

Happy Birthday! And don't worry, that Tweety Bird shirt makes you look a lot younger than 30!

Oh... wait a second...

kapgar said...

Welcome to the darkside, m'man! And, no, this is not cause to act older nor more mature. In fact, if anything, it's reason to revert to youthful tendencies!

Avitable said...

Welcome to the old fuckers club.

DutchBitch said...

Why would you need to grow all serious and be changing from 30? Why?!

Jesse said...

Your form on that E chord is terrible. Geez.

Anonymous said...


Rock! When are you and I gonna get together and tear up LA???

Anonymous said...

Big Suck,

I am overwhelmed with your blogs. You write way the hell more than most of our sports reporters at the Cincinnati Enquirer. Congrats on turning 30 ... if you're 30, how the hell old is Big Dad?

You have great taste in music. I just saw the Reverend Sunday in Dayton ... and I also went to a Reverend, Southern Culture and Throw Rag show back in Florida a few years back. Throw Rag blew me away and I saw them again when they came to Cincy. I drank a beer with the dude in the Sailor hat.

I'll be out to California soon to buy you a beer for No. 30. Don't have kids, just get another dog for christ sake.


Brandon said...

Thanks everybody for the well wishes! I realize I was kind of being a baby about turning 30, it's not a big deal at all. In will be different, there is no doubt about it, but it should be fun and I'm excited to be one of the "old fuckers".

Jesse - I had a feeling you would be the smartass that chimed in with a comment like that.

Hilly - I would love to tear up LA with you. Do you have a bulldozer?

Hurm - What's up buddy? I left you a comment months ago, what took so long? Throw Rag is the shit, no doubt. Thanks for the comment, keep in touch.

gary said...

An A's hat? THE FUCKING A'S???? Ack.

Sorry Brandon, I hate the A's. They knocked my Twins out of the playoffs last year. Boo.

Anyways, don't sweat turning 30, dude. Just wait until you start pushing 40. Now THAT sucks.

Karl said...

Happy birthday, dude. 30 is a piece of cake. Wait till you hit my age.