Hey Jealousy

Posted by Brandon |

Can I just say how jealous I am of everybody who is attending Tequila-Con this weekend? All of the bloggers that I have wanted to meet over the years are there, I love to visit Portland anytime I can, The Kennedy School - one of my bars/hotels/elementary schools - is hosting the event, and my wife is out of town leaving me alone to do basically nothing all weekend. Tequila-Con would have been a blast.

As much as I would've liked to go to Tequila-Con, missing it is a price that I was willing to pay to go to Mexico last weekend and to Vegas for the first two rounds of the tournament and my birthday next week. It was just bad timing, maybe next year.


Dave2 said...

As I sit here with Hilly, Sizzle, Karl, and Dustin eating couscous at The Kenedy School... I can only say that you SHOULD be jealous. Seriously jealous. Really, totally, seriously, jealous.

Brandon said...

Dave, that isn't right. Thanks.

Hilly said...

Don't worry, Brandon...we are planning Dave_LA (or davelay as I like to call it) and you will be right there with us.

That was some good couscous though ;).

DutchBitch said...

Mexico? Las Vegas? Hmmm.... sounds great as well!!!

Karl said...

You were missed, dude. You know, in that brief moment that Dave mentioned your post...we thought of you and missed you.

Then we went back to drinking and goofing around.