San Diego, Tijuana, Ensenada

Posted by Brandon |

Down With Pants! is going international with a quick four day weekend spent first in San Diego where we are going to go to Sea World to see us some Shamus. Did you know that Shamu is the stage name for all of the Killer Whales at Sea World? Then it's on to Tijuana and Ensenada for some fish tacos, some bartering, some beach and some La Bufadora.

I've never been to Baja so I'm excited and interested to see what it's like. I've been to Matamoros and Reynosa across the border from where I lived in Texas, but those are hardcore industrial cities in a weird area. I know TJ is supposed to be grimy, but I bet that it will be a hundred times nicer than Matamoros. And Ensenada will be a whole other world from somewhere like Reynosa whose greatest tourist destination is an area called "Boys Town" - I doubt I need to tell you what goes on there.

Anyway, the point is that DWP! will be on hiatus until Wednesday. I can tell that you are heartbroken.


Avitable said...

Sounds like fun. I remember doing that fondly when I lived there. Have fun! Go see a donkey show for me.

kapgar said...

At least you gave us a date to expect you back. And we're holding you to it.

Robert said...

Have fun, keep your wits about you, and don't drink the water unless you're used to it.