Oh Lord! The Hoff is in The Producers

Posted by Brandon |

It sure does suck to be back even after a very short vacation, but what are you going to do? More about Mexico sometime soon.

But first, while driving home last night we were blown away by a billboard that read "David Hasselhoff in - The Producers - Paris Las Vegas".

What? How did I miss this news? So many questions raced through out heads. Who could The Hoff possibly be playing? Max? No way. Leo? Couldn't be. Ulla? Perhaps. Franz Liebkind? You can't be serious, he wouldn't risk his popularity in Germany.

Turns out, Hasselhoff is doing the entire show - By! Him! Self! - It's the greatest one man show in the history of Broadway musicals. Max, Leo, Ulla, Carmen Ghia, the chorus girls...he plays them all. Every single one! Can you believe it?

Unfortunately, it isn't true. He is playing the flamboyant director Roger DeBris, who eventually ends up playing the role of Hitler in Springtime For Hitler. It isn't a humongous part but if there was a role that I can deal with Hasselhoff playing, it would be DeBris. I'm sure he's horrific in the part, but imagining him as Hitler, considering his previously mentioned popularity in Germany, is just too perfect.

By the way, he says that he turned down the role of Franz Liebkind, the crazy Nazi, because he didn't want to play a Nazi. Does that make even a lick of sense? Did he even bother reading the script?


Avitable said...

I would fly out to Vegas and watch him if he were putting on the whole show by himself. That would be fantastic!