Sequestered/Lawrence Help

Posted by Brandon |

Oh boy, what a weekend! Here's just a little taste of how my Saturday night was spent (originally posted on my MySpace page)...

"It's Saturday might and what an (sic, damn Tabc thingy) I doing? I'm stuck in my bedroom surfing the internet on my cell phone. Boy, I sure know how to party. I also have no idea how to do a carriage return on a phone so bear with me, this is going to be one long ass paragraph. The reason I'm stuck in my bedroom is because my mother in law and her friend are staying the weekend here. They wore themselves out being tourists so one of them is asleep in the computer room and the other is knocked out on the couch leaving me with only one television and computer-less room to occupy. I suppose I should do some reading, but I really wanted to do some writing so here I am. If only I could get blogger to work on my phone, but that would be too much to ask of my Helio."

Oh well, at least I got to watch a ton of basketball while they were out being tourists, I wasn't dragged along.

Death? starts another crazy two week shift tomorrow in which she will be working 6PM to 6AM, so I won't be seeing her much in the near future. Bad for me, but good for you. I'll be free all night long to do some writing, so look for Down With Pants! to be in full gear after what has been a very exciting and fun, yet interruptive month.

In the meantime, has anybody seen the movie Lawrence of Arabia? We got it from Netflix last week and we have slowly been working our way through it in 30 minute chunks. So far we have seen a lot of camels...and that's pretty much it. Does anyone have a compelling reason for me to not send it back and get something a little more interesting? At this point, I really don't care what happens, but at the same time I have to think that SOMETHING happens at some point that makes it one of the all time classics. I'm keeping it at least one more day just in case somebody convinces me to continue watching. Anybody?