Hose Me Down

Posted by Brandon |

There are times when I can't figure out how any of you ladies could possibly like guys in any way. I am a guy and I know lots of guys and we are disgusting creatures. it still amazes me to this day that you are attracted to us. How do you do it?

However, today there were a couple of firefighters in front of us in line to get coffee and one of them caught my attention. I'm perfectly secure with my own sexuality so I have no problem saying that goddamn, that was one good looking man. Now I think I understand. Yikes.

It probably helped that they had to rush out before getting their coffee and go on a call complete with sirens and lights. That's pretty hot.

When I mentioned this to my female coworker who was with me at the time, she said she didn't even notice him. I was hoping that she would be like "woo! You're telling me!" How I wish you ladies could have been there to see him so I could have somebody to share my man-crush with.


DutchBitch said...

Nah... however good looking... Most firefighters I know are bad bad bad news...

Stay away from him babe, he will only hurt you in the end.. ;-)

snackiepoo said...

Yeah, like Dutchy said....those firemen are good for a little rough and tumble but in the end, they are simply eye candy. I can't fault you for your man crush.

Your next lesson in "being female" is figuring out why we actually prefer men who are a little less perfect ;).