Trixie & Ginger Rothstein: Separated At Birth?

Posted by Brandon |

I finally figured out who my downstairs neighbor, Trixie, reminds me of after watching Casino last night. Sharon Stone's character, Ginger Rothstein. But not the strong Ginger from the beginning of the movie, but the nasty, drunk and stoned Ginger from the second act.

She doesn't have to tie up her kid to get out of the house because she doesn't have custody and he's only here once a month, but I know if it came down to it, she would tie his ass up in a second. And there are a couple different dudes hanging around that bear a striking resemblance to Lester Diamond.

It's uncanny how similar these two women are. I doubt Trixie has a million dollars in jewelry stashed away anywhere, but other than that, they could be twins. We nicknamed her Trixie after we first moved in and found out that she was a raging bitch, but I think I'm going to call her Ginger from now on. It's just too perfect.

If you haven't watched Casino in a long time, get it from Netflix and enjoy the cold hearted, merciless nature that is Joe Pesci's character Nicky Santoro. He is absolutely incredible in this movie and breathes life into every scene he's in. Casino, overall, is great for about 2/3 of the movie. If it were edited tighter, it would be one of my all time favorites.


Anonymous said...

So... you can forgive her the Kelly Clarkson shit now, right?

I mean, WTF!?, you are LIVING Casino... smackdab in the middle of it! How cool is that? All thanks to Trixie!