DWP! Fantasy Football - Week 10

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The excitement running through the Down With Pants! Fantasy Football League since Sunday night has been palpable. The Red Zins, appeared to have handed my DWP! squad it's first defeat of the season, 50-49. However, after further review, my undefeated season continues thanks to an official NFL scoring change...
"Les Bowen, of the Philadelphia Daily news, reports the NFL has changed Philadelphia Eagles WR Reggie Brown's catch and fumble that resulted in a fumble recovery and touchdown for RB Correll Buckhalter has been changed. The NFL ruled Brown did not have possession before Buckhalter caught his deflection, giving Buckhalter a 55-yard touchdown reception instead of a fumble recovery. WR Reggie Brown now has one catch for 18 yards during the Week 10 game. QB Donovan McNabb now has 257 yards passing in addition to the 55-yard touchdown pass."
Sorry Red Zins, but the NFL has spoken and handed me a 56-50 victory and a guaranteed spot in the playoffs.

Culture Kills Lions briefly held the league's longest winning streak and was tied for first place after knocking off TheDutchFiles 60-41. But he still holds a comfortable margin for second and looks like a lock to make the playoffs now.

The rest of the playoff picture is more clouded. Eight teams still have a legitimate shot at making the final four with Cuckoo For Kapgar and CineRobots currently occupying the final two spots and 2much411foozball, Witty Team Name and TheDutchFiles nipping at their heels.

There were some good games in week ten. Here are the results, leading scorers follow...

Culture Kills Lions (9-1) - 60 - Deuce McAllister - 15 points
TheDutchFiles (5-5) - 41 - Rudi Johnson - 10 points

johnnyhongkong (4-6) - 87 - Chad Johnson - 25 points
The OC Snackiepoos (2-8) - 26 - Shayne Graham - 12 points

Witty Team Name (5-5) - 51 - Carson Palmer - 24 points
navelgazing ramblers (2-8) - 34 - Drew Brees - 13 points

Down With Pants! (10-0) - 56 - Donovan McNabb- 17 points
Red Zins (3-7) - 50 - Tony Romo - 18 points

2much411foozball (5-5) - 81 - Willie Parker - 22 points
Cuckoo For Kapgar (6-4) - 77 - Philip Rivers - 24 points

CineRobots - (6-4) - 88 - LaDanian Tomlinson - 31 points
Blogography Hellmonkeys (3-7) - 54 - Bills Defense - 11 points

Witty Team Name and his Barber led squad bring their three game winning streak into DWP! stadium to see if they can do what the Red Zins nearly did. But the best matchup pits Cuckoo For Kapgar against CineRobots in a battle to stay solidly in the playoffs while 2much411foozball and TheDutchFiles both need wins to tie the loser of the Cuckoo For Kapgar - CineRobots game for the final spot in the final four.

2much411foozball vs. Culture Kills Lions
CineRobots vs. Cuckoo For Kapgar
Red Zins vs. Blogography Hellmonkeys
Down With Pants! vs. Witty Team Name
navelgazing ramblers vs.The OC Snackiepoos
TheDutchFiles vs. johnnyhongkong

This is a very important week for everybody involved. Like I said, eight teams still have a chance at the playoffs so please set your lineups and make this thing interesting.


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