She Shoud've Strayed Too Far From The Sidewalk

Posted by Brandon |

Some of you may remember me complaining about the bitch downstairs and how she was obsessed with Kelly Clarkson and her song "Because of You". There were times in the past year when she would put that song on repeat and rock out to it four, five, sometimes even six times in a row with the volume up to eleven. Thankfully, the madness stopped a few months ago and instead has been replaced by the occasional sing along to whatever song comes on the local Top 40 station.

But her old, smoke ravaged ass regressed to teenage self pity again tonight listening to the entire album twice and that song at least three times. It's the fucking bitch's anthem and it's one more reason for me to hate American Idol.


snackiepoo said...

You should leave an anonymous note on her door that says.....

"Because of you.....I'm afraid to step into my house at night.
Because of you.....I lose sleep and thoughts and want to kill you on sight....
Because of you.....I'll be taking your album away
Because of youuuuuuuuu!'

Anonymous said...

So what will be her new theme song, is the BIG question... * grin *

Brandon said...

Snackiepoo - that's a good idea. I wanted to send her fake letters inviting her to the "Skanky Whore World Championships" but Death? said it would be too transparent that it was me who sent it.

Dutchy - She was singing at the top of her lungs to something tonight, but I didn't recognize it but I think it might become her new anthem.