DWP! Fantasy Football - Week 8

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I cannot be stopped. Another week, another win. McNabb stunk it up but Larry Johnson made up for it with 32 points en route to a 75-63 victory over 2much411foozball. Bow down.

For the second straight week there was a scoring change on a tie and Culture Kills Lions picked up a half game in the standings in addition to his 57-43 victory over the navelgazing ramblers He is now alone in second place and only a game back of first.

The playoff hunt got a little clearer this week with the top four teams distancing themselves from the pack. DWP! leads the way while Culture Kills Lions sits in second at 7-1. Cuckoo For Kapgar is in third at 6-2 after a 48-35 win against The OC Snackiepoos and CineRobots is in fourth at 5-3 after posting the leagues top score in his 80-72 defeat of the hard luck Red Zins. TheDutchFiles is all by herself in fifth at 4-4 while four teams sit at 3-5 and three teams are in the cellar at 2-6.

Here are the week eight results. Leading scorers follow...

Culture Kills Lions (7-1) - 57 - Ravens Defense - 28 points
navelgazing ramblers (2-6) - 43 - Ahman Green - 18 points

Witty Team Name (3-5) - 62 - Carson Palmer - 15 points
johnnyhongkong (2-6) - 59 - Rex Grossman - 23 points

CineRobots - (5-3) - 80 - LaDanian Tomlinson - 29 points
Red Zins (3-5) - 72 - Marques Colston - 20 points

Cuckoo For Kapgar (6-2) - 48 - Bears Defense - 16 points
The OC Snackiepoos (2-6) - 35 - Owen Daniels - 16 points

Blogography Hellmonkeys (3-5) - 50 - Peyton Manning - 26 points
TheDutchFiles (4-4) - 30 - Steelers Defense - 12 points

Down With Pants! (8-0) - 75 - Larry Johnson - 32 points
2much411foozball (3-5) - 63 - Willie Parker - 11 points

CineRobots is confident that he will be the first person to knock off the mighty DWP! McNabb is off this week as is Brian Westbrook, but I think Bruce Gradkowski will have something to say about that in the end. It's a big, humongous week for the bottom half of the league. In a weird scheduling coincidence, all of the 3-5 teams play each other. Two of those teams will put themselves in great playoff shape, while the others will fall drastically behind.

2much411foozball vs. Blogography Hellmonkeys
Down With Pants! vs. CineRobots
Red Zins vs. Witty Team Name
TheDutchFiles vs. Cuckoo For Kapgar
The OC Snackiepoos vs. Culture Kills Lions
johnnyhongkong vs. navelgazing ramblers

Bye week teams: New York Jets, Philadelphia, Arizona and Carolina. SET YOUR LINEUPS!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I won?!?! I had like no active roster receivers and I won?!?!

God I'm good. Even when I don't play, I'm good. Damn.