I look forward to Veronica Mars all week long. It's the only thing worth watching on a Tuesday night now that the Gilmore Girls has become a bore fest and it's the only show all week that I plan my night around. I love Earl and The Office, but I still would miss an episode without a problem if something else were to come up.

So imagine my fury tonight when I turned on KTLA and discovered the goddamn Lakers - Clippers game preempting my favorite show. Stupid NBA basketball. If Lebron ain't playing or Nate Rob isn't blocking Yao, then I don't care, especially about anything Los Angeles related. If we have to have basketball on during VM, show Wallace shooting the rock.

I had a frustrating day of work and I had just got back from shopping for Thanksgiving so I was cranky as shit. All I wanted to do was watch some Veronica Mars and relax the rest of the night. But no, instead I found my two least favorite NBA teams interrupting my favorite show and it pissed me off even more. Sweaty men in shorts just don't do it for me.

My fury only grew as I flipped the channels toward the ESPNs to watch the final minutes of the UCLA - Kentucky game and the Duke - Marquette game and found the Laker - Clippers game also playing on Fox Sports. What the hell? Do people really make a decision about which channel to watch based on the fact that the KTLA version is the Clipper's play-by-play team while the FSN version is the Laker's broadcasters? Why do we need two broadcasts of this game? Maybe the sports should stay on the motherfucking sports stations!

So fuck Kobe, fuck Chris Kaman and fuck KTLA. I want my Veronica Mars, dammit!


Dave2 said...

Yeah, well, next week is the arc finale where somebody dies and the rapist is discovered... so if it's not on again, you're really screwed because everybody with a blog will probably be discussing it! :-)

Dustin said...

"I want my Veronica Mars, dammit!" ...can I quote you on that?

That Nate Rob block was beyond sick. At first I thought Yao was so embarassed he just started crying.