DWP! Fantasy Football - Week 11

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I'm a little late getting to it this week. I spaced on that fact that there were Thursday games this week because of Thanksgiving. Luckily, my lineup was set so I'm good to go.

But back to Week 11. It was a dark day in the history of the Down With Pants! fantasy football team. Not only did Witty Team Name kick my ass up and down the field to give me my first loss of the season, but I also lost the man that single-handedly won most of my games this season, Donovan McNabb. I still have Larry Johnson to run over folks, but my team is now mortal and in danger going into the playoffs.

Culture Kills Lions continued his outstanding season knocking off 2much411foozball 60-42. The win was his eighth straight and clinched him a spot in the playoffs coming up in three weeks.

Nine teams still have a shot to make the final two playoff spots. CineRobots beat up on Cuckoo For Kapgar 85-46 in a battle for third place. Witty Team Name and Cuckoo For Kapgar are tied for the final playoff spot with 2much411foozball, johnnyhongkong and TheDutchFiles only one game back. The Red Zins are two games back but will need a lot of help and the Blogography Hellmonkeys and The OC Snackiepoos will need to win out to have a shot, but even then they will need a ton of help to make the playoffs.

There were some great games in week eleven to make this league so close. Here are the results, leading scorers follow...

Culture Kills Lions (10-1) - 60 - Travis Henry - 13 points
2much411foozball (5-6) - 42 - Willie Parker - 14 points

johnnyhongkong (5-6) - 57 - Chad Johnson - 27 points
TheDutchFiles (5-6) - 40 - Reggie Wayne - 11 points

The OC Snackiepoos (3-8) - 46 - Tom Brady - 26 points
navelgazing ramblers (2-9) - 41 - Drew Brees - 16 points

Witty Team Name (6-5) - 84 - Carson Palmer - 21 points
Down With Pants! (10-1) - 61 - Larry Johnson- 19 points

Red Zins (4-7) - 62 - Lee Evans - 25 points
Blogography Hellmonkeys (3-8) - 56 - Peyton Manning - 11 points

CineRobots - (7-4) - 85 - LaDanian Tomlinson - 32 points
Cuckoo For Kapgar (6-5) - 46 - Bears Defense - 16 points

The Down With Pants! squad will turn to Charlie Frye and Larry Johnson to lead them to get them back on track against the hated Hellmonkeys. The best game of the week features two teams on the outside looking in. Both johnnyhongkong and 2much411foozball hope to make a late season run to the playoffs and this game could make or break their seasons.

2much411foozball vs. johnnyhongkong
CineRobots vs. Culture Kills Lions
Red Zins vs. Cuckoo For Kapgar
Down With Pants! vs. Blogography Hellmonkeys
The OC Snackiepoos vs. Witty Team Name
navelgazing ramblers vs. TheDutchFiles


Anonymous said...

Pffffttttt I tell ya! There's bribing and shit going on... there MUST be... Pffffttttt

Anonymous said...

It's weird, I have the expectation that I will lose every week. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

i appreciate your replays of the weeks. I already got my ass kicked by johhnyhongkong. It's time for some sweet revenge. Wait, am I a week behind posting this smack again?