The First 5 Election Topics To Come To Mind

Posted by Brandon |

1. As happy as I am that the Democrats are doing well tonight, I am troubled by just how many of them are socially conservative. Heath Shuler, Bob Casey Jr. (knocked off Santorum), and Brad Ellsworth are all endorsed by Democrats For Life and numerous others are against gay marriage. I'm super-liberal when it comes to social issues and these democrats look more like Republicans to me.

2. What happened to Ned Lamont? What a worthless douchebag he turned out to be. How do you beat Joe Lieberman's ass in the primary and then not stomp him into the ground and runaway with the election? Another Republican in Democrat's clothing gets a seat, or in this case retains one.

3. I so wanted there to be a new $2.68 tax on a pack of cigarettes here in California but it looks like the measure is going to be defeated. Come on people, you know if big tobacco spends record amounts of money against a measure, there must be something good about it. How could anybody possibly trust them anymore?

4. Santorum did lose and that's good, even if it was to a faux-Democrat. However, a Santorum without a job might be more dangerous than a Santorum with one. Now the psycho has more free time to concentrate on a serious presidential run in 2008. I bet we end up seeing more of him than we ever did when he was in office.

5. At least seven states voted to amend their constitution and ban same-sex marriage. This on the same day that Brittany Spears filed for divorce from Kevin Federline. And gay-marriage is what's ruining the sanctity of marriage? I don't think so. The "heterosexuals" have done a pretty good job of messing that up themselves. There is no sanctity left. Just ask Ted Haggard's family.


Whit said...

86 & 87 seemed like no brainers to me, but I guess the no brainers voted against them.

As you noted, when Tobacco and Oil spend record amounts against something we should all vote for it. See? No brainer.

snackiepoo said...

Amen amen amen. See I pretty much call myself a centrist because I am more fiscally Republican but totally liberal in personal matters. If someone is going to run as a Democrat, then they need to take that stance on personal rights as well.

And I cannot believe that the ciggie tax did not go up...wtf?

Greg said...

Big ditto on 1.