Snakes In My House

Posted by Brandon |

We saw the Snakes On A Plane Saturday night and thoroughly enjoyed most of it. Did anybody else cheer out loud when they finally released the snakes? I was getting tired of yelling "bring on the motherfucking snakes already!" But why couldn't the death toll have been a little higher? There were a few characters I didn't need to see survive. I would have preferred that Samuel have been the only one to get off of that plane. Oh well.

I am also happy to report that it is a great family film. At least according to the three families, complete with seven to ten year-old boys, who were at the movie with us that night. You know, snakes killing everything in sight, rampant cursing, big ole titties. All the hallmarks of a great family outing. And mom, you did a great job covering the eyes of the boys while the bad parts were on. Just because Snakes On A Plane is now the dirtiest movie ever in the imaginations of those boys, doesn't mean that you shouldn't be candidate for Mommy of the Year.

Seriously, I can't imagine how those boys slept last night or functioned today. Every time I open the fridge or a cupboard or feel something on my foot, I get jumpy. I'm walking around with a bottle of olive oil in my pocket just in case.


DutchBitch said...

I can see that I am missing some big time entertainment. I hope it makes its way to Dutchyland soon! I think...

Schadenfreude said...

I'm gonna sneak off and watch it one weekday afternoon with some friends -- you know, it'll be an "offsite meeting."

Because really I can't justify spending my own free time to see it. But if I'm getting paid to see it, well, yeehaw.

Karl said...

Got to see this movie!