Lazy Pre-Vegas Blogging

Posted by Brandon |

I wanted to post something before I leave for Las Vegas for the weekend, but it's already almost 11:00 PM and I haven't done a damn thing to get ready. I did get around to clearing off my digital camera and I forgot all about some of the pictures I had on there.

I can't believe that I forgot about this guy. While I was back home in Washington last month, the parents and I went to South Sound Speedway to see some short track stock car racing. There was a lot of great trash in the crowd that night, but none more than Mullet Man here. I wish I would've snapped a better picture.

Oh yeah, and Death?'s 1980's Acura Integra won a race. That might be the first time that the words "1980's Acura Integra" and "won a race" have ever been used together. I'm sure that Mullet Man was so proud.

Anyway, Vegas here we come!


Karl said...

Mullet man, ha. Oh, the mullets I could capture on film if I so choose. They are legion around these parts.

Have a great time in Vegas, dude. I've never been. *sigh*

DutchBitch said...

So... I guess mullets are out then? * grin *

Chanakin said...

A mullet at a local speedway? I'm shocked.

Have fun in Sin City

Replicant said...

this reminds me what i'm doing tomorrow night: demolition derby in springdale, arkansas. believe me, mullets will be seen in the crowd.

i don't get patriotic often but a demo derby makes me want to wave a flag and sing the anthem. pure americana seeing cars smash into each other for two hours! usa! usa!