Lazy Post-Vegas Blogging

Posted by Brandon |

To answer the inevitable question, I lost about $1,200 in Vegas over the weekend. About $1,160 of that was spent first at the Barstow Towing Casino, a mobile service provided to stranded motorists, and then at Desert Volkswagen where I gambled that they could fix the VW that I just bought two weeks ago. Luckily, I won that gamble, but it still cost me $1,000. Today, back in Ventura, I gambled that Barber Ford/Volkswagen would give a crap and help me out and honor the warranty that expired only 15 miles before it broke down. Unfortunately, I lost. What a mess.

Also, I forgot to mention another great thing about Little Miss Sunshine. The ending was filmed in my adopted hometown of Ventura...

They said that they were going to the Little Miss Sunshine competition in Redondo Beach, but everybody in the theater recognized it to be San Buenaventura State Beach, the Ventura Pier and the adjacent Holiday Inn (the sign was changed to read "Redondo Suites"). So there you go. If you need an excuse to go see this film, just think about how you have always wanted to see where I live.


DutchBitch said...

Hot Damn!!! You lost over $ 1000??? What does that look like? That kinda money?

Brandon said...

Dutchy - It looks like a new water pump, coolant flange and a timing belt for the VW. Not very exciting.