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Hours and hours of celebrity news coverage (and sadly, real news coverage) was devoted to Mel Gibson today. You would think that after all of that, I would be sick of it by now. Not so, I love it. I would like people to be reminded daily of this douchebag's douchebaggery until every single movie that he has done is ruined because people can't get over what a douchebag he is.

Did you know that he was working with ABC on a mini-series about the Holocaust? I nearly shit my pants when I heard that. What a douchebag. Although, whoever green lighted that project at ABC should be crowned His Majesty, King of the Douchebags until Mel stages a bloody coup to reclaim his throne.


DutchBitch said...

Mel will probably not disappoint us and be back on that throne before we can all say "Passion of Christ"

snackiepoo said...

You know what is awesome? I've been on vacay at my sister's and out of the "news" loop and just yesterday learned of Lance Bass' gayness (although like we did not see that coming) and Mel's crazytown anti Semite rant....geez, I think I like disconnecting from the matrix again.