Breakfast Humor

Posted by Brandon |

While watching another episode of Veronica Mars tonight, Death? and I somehow ended up on the subject of the name Diego...

Death? - "What does the name Diego translate to?"

Me - "I'm not sure."

Death? - "It was your name in Spanish class, Diego Chispas."

Diego Chispas - "Si, mi amor. Mi pelo es en fuego." (I didn't learn shit)

Death? - "Seriously, it translates to some name that doesn't even start with a D..."

Me - "I think it translates to Of The Waffle."

Death? - "...like James or something."

Me - "Of The Waffle..."

Death? - "......."

Me - "Eggo?"

Death? - "Ha ha, I hate you."


Neil said...

Maria y Juan van al restaurante a comer una Diego.

mist1 said...

Diego translates roughly into "because that b*tch owes me like $40."

As in, "where in the world is Carmen San diego?"

I don't know who Carmen San is.