I Feel Weird

Posted by Brandon |

I spent this beautiful Sunday afternoon grocery shopping, doing laundry and cleaning. I went crazy on our dirty, ugly carpet (who puts nearly white carpet in a rental anyway?) scrubbing the shit out of it with Resolve. I have been inhaling the fumes all day and as a result, I now feel really weird. I'm not sure if the Resolve is what's making me feel this way, but the smell is so disgusting and I used so much that it wouldn't surprise me one bit if I am OD'ing on it.

On another topic, all of this talk of the rudeness of Southern Californians reminds me of a behavioral decision that I made years ago to myself. I was appalled at the lack of basic politeness that people my age, and people of all ages, display to workers in the service industry. Rarely do you hear please or thank you at restaurants or the store anymore. So now I say please and thank you like it was my job, no matter what. It's a small step and probably doesn't change a thing, but at least I can live with myself.

On yet another topic, how did I miss out on Eels until now? Of course I knew Novocaine For The Soul and a few years ago I bought Souljacker, but I rarely listened to the album and basically forgot all about them. I'm not sure when I caught this bug, but I now own all but one of their albums. They have everything I like in a band: great melodies, dark lyrics disguised as happy pop songs, a raspy voiced singer, songs I can sing at the top of my lungs. Where have I been?


MC said...

Now I want to sing "Goddamn right it's a beautiful day" at the top of my lungs because of the eels reference.

Of course, if you really want to go out their with Eels lead singer E., look for an album by MC Honky called I am the Messiah. I found at at a dollar store, and it is messed UP in a good way.

DutchBitch said...

What actually is Resolve supposed to "resolve" that it'ts fumes are making you feel weird... Did you read the label before using it?

Jesse said...

It's not a conscious choice on my part but I also find myself being polite anytime a server does anything for me at a restaurant. The problem is that if a person is actually deserving of my praise they end up deluged with it and after a while they have to stop responding or else they'd probably go hoarse.

jolie said...

hi, visiting from RW's place and I just have one question...

uhhh, could it be that you are feeling weird because you were doing "woman's work"? I mean cleaning carpets and all that? ;)

snackiepoo said...

I bought a hoover home steam cleaner at Target for like 100 bucks after sucking in Resolve fumeage one day so I hear ya.

Replicant said...

i too recently discovered EELS. not sure why i didn't listen to them before but i guess i had some notions about them that were wrong.

the past year i've gotten into all their albums and am now really into his stuff. the last few albums have been really high quality releases.

Brandon said...

MC - I remember MC Honky, I didn't realize that was E.

Dutchy - I don't think you are supposed to use it in the quantity that I used it in.

Jesse - I don't go overboard, just enough to make a point.

Jolie - I do all the women's work around here and the wife does all the men's work. I'm cool with that.

Snackie - I really should get something like that what with light tan carpet and dirty ass feet.

Replicant - Aren't they awesome? Daisies of the Galaxy has quickly become one of my favorite albums.

Jolie said...

I am impressed beyond impressed!

After we ripped up our carpet at our last house and I saw what was under there, I vowed never to have carpet again!

Karl said...

Love the Eels!