OK Hoboes

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I've got nothing of great importance tonight. I've been pondering why George W. believes that America is safer today than before 9/11. It's making my brain hurt. I guess in many ways he is right because under his idiotic leadership it had slipped so far as to allow something like 9/11 to happen. He no longer is ignoring intelligence, so in all fairness, we have come a long way.

At least I have a few outlets to cheer me up. I just downloaded OK Go's album Oh No to reward them for all of their outstanding music videos. Even if the album ends up sucking, I feel like I should at least give them a tip in the form of a royalty check for my enjoyment of those videos.

I also found a great site dedicated to the 700 Hoboes Names chapter of John Hodgman's amazing historical text The Areas of My Expertise. The 700 Hoboes Project is collecting artwork depicting people's interpretations of all 700 Hoboes from the book. I'm kind of sad that Jonas Tugboy, Professional Masturbator hasn't been visualized yet, but Manny Stillwaggon, the Man with the Handlebar Eyebrows is a pretty good substitute.


kapgar said...

I tried to get the new OK Go album from my library a few months ago, but it couldn't be placed on hold (still considered a new one). But I did get their previous s/t album and it is good. Just checked again today after you reminded me with this post, and now it's available. Free music... here I come!

I did preorder The Killers new album from iTunes the day before yesterday. Got their new single with it. Good stuff.

Karl said...

Let me know your verdict on that OK Go album, will you? I love that song where they're on the treadmills. Now I see them on a TV commercial. Based on those 2 songs, I like their stuff.

Brandon said...

The album is very good. There are a couple of throwaway songs, but if you like the two you've heard, then you should like the rest of it.