Good TV

Posted by Brandon |

I was flipping through the channels this evening and two new shows caught my attention. I mean besides all of the Spanish language television. Right now I can't get enough of Cien Mexicanos Dijeron, I never liked Family Feud that much, but in Spanish it kicks ass!

But seriously, tonight I saw Bill Nye The Science Guy's new show
Eyes of Nye and, from the five minutes I saw, it is really, really good. It is a little bit more of a serious show for grownups but is still kind of goofy and irreverent. Tonight's episode was about nuclear power and how it needs to be stopped. He presented solid science and evidence to back up his position and made it very easy to see why nuclear power presents such a problem today.

Then while flipping I just barely caught the end of
Tavis Smiley's new TV show. He was one of my all time favorite NPR hosts before he left his show last year and I've been hoping he'd make a comeback sometime soon. He is one of the smartest and most entertaining men on TV right now and I look forward to watching his show more often.

Both of these shows air on PBS. Which, despite all of it's problems lately and despite all of the competition from other sources, still manages to churn out some of the best shows on television. It really is a shame that they are under such scrutiny and perhaps could lose a great deal of their funding soon because they are one of the only television outlets left with any decency. You can hate on their pledge drives and scream bloody murder about their liberal bias all you want but admit it, the television landscape would be far worse if it wasn't for PBS.