Whoops! A DWP! Correction

Posted by Brandon |

I was going to write a big long post about my weekend trip to Orange County for a couple of baseball games but since my DSL is a joke I have to keep it short because I never know when it is going to go out on me wiping away everything I have done (again, I'm sorry to all the DSL complainers who I quietly have cursed. This sucks!).

Instead I need to make a correction. A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I thought Batman Begins was my favorite movie of 2005 so far. I forgot about Kung Fu Hustle for just a minute. It is far and away my favorite movie of the year and, looking ahead at the upcoming releases, has no real competitor to knock it from that slot. The only movie that even looks like a possibility is The Bad News Bears. That movie could be great with Billy Bob Thornton and the Bad Santa writers in charge.

But Batman Begins does come in second followed closely by The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. Speaking of the Hitchhiker's Guide, I am currently rereading the book and I have to say that I like the movie even better than I did before. I think they did an excellent job Hollywood-izing it without losing the essence. Sure it's not exactly like the book and it does have some problems, but it could have been much, much worse and when considering a favorite book being made into a movie that's really all you can ask for.