Cesar's City of Arizona

Posted by Brandon |

I just got back from my first Dodgers game since moving down here. Dodgers Stadium is a great place to see a game once you figure out all of the little quirks and how to navigate your way around. Actually I was really frustrated with the stadium at first but once I sat down and the game started it was all good. It was a beautiful day for baseball and the game was very entertaining. The Dodgers came back from two runs down in the bottom of the ninth to beat the San Francisco Giants 5-4.

Anyway, one of the little facts about Cesar Izturis that they put up on the Diamondvision (above) perplexed quite a few people around me and even left me a little confused. I finally figured out what he meant by it but it still sounds pretty stupid. Maybe they should just go with his second favorite road city. What's that Cesar? It's Florida? Shit.