Good News/Bad News

Posted by Brandon |

Well, I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first, the good or the bad? Ok, so the good news is that I got myself a job! I am now gainfully employed and will probably be starting on Monday. The bad news? I got myself a job! What was I thinking?

Seriously though, this is really the most mixed I've ever felt about getting a job. It's with Tecnnicolor (I mentioned them before) but it is working the swing shift, 3 PM - 11:30 or midnight depending on my dinner break, Monday through Friday. This means that Death? and I will be working exact opposite shifts during the week and will only be home at the same time when we are sleeping. I will have the weekend off (although there may be some Saturdays occasionally, I get a bad Lumbergh kind of vibe about that) but Death? doesn't necessarily have weekends off.

But the pay is really good. In fact it's the most money that I have ever made and I will actually be making enough to enjoy myself rather than having to worry all the time. Plus I won't be spending too much because I won't be going out in the evenings spending money on dinners and whatnot. Of course I really enjoy going out and spending money on dinners and whatnot but it's probably better if I didn't. It is also a temp-to-hire position so after a few months, if I really don't like it, I can always find something else. I will have my days available to look for another job and it is always easier to get a job when you have one.

I'll also have my days to lounge around on the beach and to keep Down With Pants! going strong.