DSL Complaining

Posted by Brandon |

On a few blogs that I visit I regularly hear about how their DSL is down and how upset about it they are. I've never had this problem because until last week I was still stuck with AOL dialup. To everybody who has ever had this problem and written a post about it or even mentioned it, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for quietly scoffing at you or calling you a crybaby to myself. I knew nothing about it until now and I was out of line.

This evening our DSL went down for absolutely no reason. Being a first time DSL user I mistakenly contacted tech support. Of course they couldn't figure out what was wrong. According to their tests everything was hunky-dory until they reached my modem, which must have been messed up by me. Thankfully, a few minutes ago it started working again. What happened to it to make it work beats the heck out of me. But I do know that there is a technician on his way between 8 AM and noon on Friday who might not find anybody home waiting for him.

Now, onto why I must apologize. I didn't realize just how addictive using DSL would be. Switching back to dialup was awful. I mean, what a joke. It was so amazingly depressing that now I can understand why all of you get so moody when it happens. I did too. Instead I had to flip channels between Superman and the Breakfast Club. Not a terrible fate but I have more important job hunting to do. I can't get a job flipping channels despite the fact that I dream about it on a nightly basis. So thank you DSL god for bringing back my fast internet connection.