DWP! Quick Hits

Posted by Brandon |

Just a few quick things to say....

***I started my new job on Monday. I think I mentioned that it was going to be swing shift, 3-11:30 PM. Well so far it isn't and it doesn't sound like it ever will be. Very weird. Anyway, it's alright. Nothing special. It is a very Office Space environment, I can't wait to have my meeting with the Bobs. Oh yeah, and the lady that works two people down from me meows and purrs all the time and
is obsessed with cats. It is really creepy.

***Death has her "golden weekend" this weekend. It is one of the few times that she will have consecutive days off all year long. We had a hard time figuring out what to do but we finally settled on going wine touring around Santa Barbara County. We might try to do
this Sideways tour. This all depends on whether or not they make me work on Saturday. I can't imagine they would on my first week, but something tells me that Lumbergh might try to pull that crap.

***I had my question answered by the pretty nifty new blog
Burning Question. Click the graphic below to read their response to the ultimate Burning Question...why is yawning contagious?

***Did anyone else see Rick Santorum on the Daily Show last night? What scares me the most about him is that he comes off very presidential and I think he could win a lot of votes on his charm alone. Then his ultra-conservative politics would take over and all of us decent liberal folk would be in big trouble.

***The 40 Year-Old Virgin looks hilarious! I can't wait.