DWP!'s Post of Random Crap

Posted by Brandon |

Well I hate to do this but a whole bunch of things are floating around in my gourd and I don't have much time to write whole posts about them so I'll just jot down a sentence or two about all of them...

1. I Got my "I Did Not Vote 4 Bush" wristband Saturday. I'm now wearing it with pride. You can grab yours too at I Did Not Vote 4 Bush.com.

2. Went to Vancouver with Death? on Saturday. Went to the awesome Granville Island Public Market and got some incredible cheese including Maple Cheddar and Guinness Cheddar. Browsed around Chinatown a bunch and then went to a hockey game. Wrote a big ole post about it at The Sports Logo Pundit.

3. I Joined a gym this past week. I realized I went almost a year without really breaking a sweat. I mean, I sweated a bit but not sopping wet kind of sweat. I'm already feeling much better.

4. I wish people at work didn't know about my blog. I would love to write some things about work but the risks outweigh the rewards. I'm not willing to be fired because of DWP!

5. I was getting myself all worked into a lather the other day because of the lack of comments on DWP! and The Sports Logo Pundit but I realized I haven't been leaving many comments on other people's blogs either so I shouldn't be so upset. That being said, I'm going to try to make a better effort to read blogs when surfing Blog Explosion or Blog Clicker and actually start leaving more comments.

6. The King Solomon Burke is releasing a new album in March and is planning on doing a tour. If you don't know Solomon Burke you better get with it now and grab a couple of his albums. He is absolutely incredible.

7. I read one of the most disturbing articles today about how teenagers think the First Amendment is no big deal. Come on! It's the biggest of all the big deals. It should be number one on everybody's issues list. Without free speech everything is fucked. All of the other rights become null and void. I understand how this has happened though since kids are not being taught about the First Amendment in any meaningful way. I will most likely have more on this later.

Well, that's just about it for now. I had more to write about earlier but a couple of things have flown the coup from my melon. I need a notebook so I can start writing all this crap down when I think of it.