Good Night Johnny

Posted by Brandon |

Sadly enough, Johnny Carson passed away today at age 79. I remember as a kid staying up a little to late and accidentally watching Johnny on The Tonight Show and thinking he was the most boring person ever. But as I got older he rarely failed to make me laugh out loud even when he was bombing.

I loved that he was willing to take risks on unknown artists unlike a lot of the current network shows. It was the first place I ever saw They Might Be Giants and I was blown away. Unfortunately, I forgot about them and only rediscovered TMBG in the late 90's but I always remembered how Johnny let this band that I had never heard of play his show and then brought them over to the couch and was excited by them in the same way that I was.

I wish we had more people like him on TV still today. The only ones that even comes close are David Letterman and Jon Stewart. Thanks for the memories Johnny and good night.