Mind Control

Posted by Brandon |

Not only am I magic, but now it seems I have some very strong mind control powers. At work today I was listening to 107.7 The End and during the all-request-lunchtime-flashback-hour thing they do I decided I really wanted to hear They Might Be Giant's "Don't Let's Start". So I tried and tried and tried to call in and make my request but never could get through.

Then, moments after giving up on my request, those lovely and familiar keyboards kicked in and John and John started singing "Don't Let's Start" and my request was granted in an eerie way. Brian in West Seattle probably was asking for some TMBG at the same time I was trying to request them. But he probably wanted to hear some Limp Bizkit or something but when he got the DJ on the phone all he could spit out was "Don't Let's Start". I think I might try to see what else I can get Brian in West Seattle to do with my new found mind control powers over him.