On Cell Phones and Parenting

Posted by Brandon |

Ok, so I haven't had a good rant on here in quite some time but a commercial that I keep seeing has really been bothering me and I feel the time has come. The commercial I speak of is for one of the major cell phone companies. The spokesman gets off of his bus and into a throng of upset parents. He asks if they are fed up with their kids going over their minutes on their cell phone and the price that they have to pay if they do. He tells them to switch to his plan and avoid these costly overages and blah blah blah.

Is this really what happens with parents and their kids cell phones these days? I'm too old to have had my parents buy me a cell phone and to young to buy one for a kid so I have no experience with this. Do parents really buy their kids cell phones and then put up with it when they go over their minutes costing them a ton of money or is this just a trick to make it look like they should?

If parents do really do this then I have one thing to say....FOR GOD'S SAKE STOP IT! Why the hell would you pay for these charges! Tell your lazy ass kid to get off of their fat butt and get a job to pay the bill and take away his cell phone. If it happens once, fine, it was a mistake. I can understand that. But if it's more than once then someone needs to pay and it shouldn't be you. Get some balls and do some parenting. A cell phone is not a right.

On the other hand, if you are stupid enough to give a teenager a cell phone then maybe you should pay out your ass for the overage charges. And don't give me that "it was only supposed to be for emergencies" bullshit. If you really thought that it was going to be used only for emergencies then you should turn yourself over to science so that they can meticulously study how it's possible that a person survived all those years without a brain. It's like hiring an alcoholic to drive a beer delivery truck and taking him out for a drink before his first run. You cannot complain when things go wrong.

So I guess my point is this. the only real way to avoid these problems is to simply not give your kids a cell phone. There is absolutely no reason that a teenager needs to have one. There is only one thing that it can be used for. Evil. So stop giving them cell phones and start parenting you stupid douchebags.