Posted by Brandon |

Last night my favorite Seattle restaurant, Gorditos, reopened after three weeks off for Christmas vacation. The reopening last night had the feel of an event because everybody and their little sister was there. What usually takes 15-20 minutes took me nearly an hour. But it was all worth it because I got a Wet Steak Burrito and Pozole...

It's hard to exactly understand the size of that Burrito. That's a normal sized dinner plate that is overflowing with Burrito goodness. Plus it's a good three or four inches tall topped with a delicious sauce. All of this for only $5.75 and a dollar extra for soup. Usually this makes two meals. Dinner one night and lunch the next day, but I was seriously craving some Gorditos and ended up eating the whole thing. Half when I got home and half during the West Wing.

If you live in Seattle and like Mexican food but have never been to Gorditos, what's wrong with you? It's incredible. It's in the Greenwood neighborhood near the intersection of Greenwood and 85th. If you are ever visiting Seattle you should check it out. It's just up the road from Woodland Park Zoo and is easily accessible from the freeway. They also have a taco wagon in Ballard off of 15th just before the Ballard bridge. It isn't nearly as good as the restaurant but still incredible if you are in a hurry.