Brandon's Ballcaps

Posted by Brandon |

I own a ton of baseball caps. I've been wearing ballcaps pretty much non-stop since I was twelve or thirteen years-old giving me nearly fifteen years to build an impressive collection of hats. Of course this collection is kind of ugly because I don't really collect hats, I actually wear them and it's not a pretty thing that I do to my hats. So today I bring you a new weekly feature...Brandon's Ballcaps (better known as a lame device to save my ass when I have nothing else to write about).

This is my all-time favorite cap I've ever owned. It is the #1 choice in my current rotation. It's a replica of the cap worn by the New York Knights in the movie The Natural. Made by Stall & Dean (my former employer), It's made of real wool flannel and has a cotton sweatband. It's such a nice soft cap, it just feels great to wear it.

For the past couple of years this cap has been on my head for just about everything or at least has been worn the day after. This cap holds a special part of my heart because the past two years have been the best of my life and this cap has been through it all with me. No other cap I have owned has ever been through so much and held up so well. Others had short spans of greatness and then faded away or burned out in a flash, but not this great cap. It has stood the test of time and continues to be my special ballcap.

Sadly this cap is starting to fall on hard times. Recently I ran it through the washing machine because it was starting to get pretty disgusting and none of my other cleaning options sounded very good. The washing machine got it nice and clean, but the crown shrunk ever so slightly and now doesn't come all the way down to my ears. Since I haven't had a haircut in a while I look pretty damn scruffy while wearing it. All that means is that I need to get haircuts more regularly so that this great Knights cap and I can forge ahead and continue this great run together as one.