Three Quick Things

Posted by Brandon |

1. Go check out my new renter, Haunted House Dressing. His blog is a hodgepodge of everything, including some pretty cool photo comics. He is paying top dollar for a spot here at DWP! so we have to make it worth something.

2. After that, head on over to Built To Spill's My Space site and check out their new nine minute epic, "Going Against Your Mind" from their upcoming album You In Reverse. If the album is half as good as this song, it will live forever in my CD player.

3. RIP Chris Penn. Loved you in Reservoir Dogs and To Wong Foo, but you really touched my heart in Footloose. So much so that I am doubling my effort to get elected to public office so that I can enact a law to make everybody get up and dance like a fool whenever they hear the song "Footloose" played in public. And now I'm doing it in your memory. You won't be forgotten big guy, mark my words.

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