DWP! Quick Hits

Posted by Brandon |

1. I hate going to the gym right after the new year. Stupid new years resolution people. Where will you be in three months? But I sincerely thank you for taking up every single weight machine turning my normal 30 minute workout into an hour and then occupying all of the ellipticals. So instead I went home and ate a whole box of Kraft Cheese & Macaroni.

2. Last night after the UCSB vs. UC Irvine game in Santa Barbara, I witnessed a Chinese fire drill for the first time. In fact, I witnessed three Chinese fire drills at each and every red light that we hit. Six people in the car and one in the trunk. It was very impressive.

3. What the hell happened to me? At one point when I saw a baby all I could think of was throw up and poop. Yuck! Now when I see a baby, even when I'm sitting by myself at a basketball game, I openly go...Awwwww. The biological clock is ticking louder and louder every day people. But, according to plan, I have two and a half years left until I can become a papa. I'd settle for Unkie Brandon, are you listening John and Jesse?

4. We had a "Fresh Episode" of Gilmore Girls tonight. Yippee!!! Again, what the hell happened to me?

5. iTunes kicks ass. Tonight I downloaded a song that I have been requesting from KEXP and KGRG for years but have yet to have it played. Karp's "Connect 5" is the greatest song ever written about Olympia's Skateland.

6. I really am married. Over the weekend I started combining our CD collection into nice, aphabeticalized CD books. It is quite the task.

7. Finally, I now have a new outlook on the Uggs boots craze of the past two years. I think they are absolutely hideous of course. But everybody who is wearing them are these vain, vapid little fashion whores who, I hope, in a few years will look back and be extremely embarrassed by their choice of footwear. It's not me that looks like a fucking moron with big ass feet, so why the hell should I be mad?