Separated At Birth?

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Death? and I just got back from seeing Pride and Prejudice. It was a good enough film, although I tire quickly of anything Victorian even if it is subtly making fun of it.

The film stars Keira Knightley, one of the most beautiful and striking actresses around today. But one thing that I noticed throughout the entire film is the length of her neck.

Half the shots in Pride in Prejudice are of just Keira from the neck up. About ten minutes into the movie I had seen about eight minutes and thirty seven seconds of just Keira's face and neck it occurred to me who she reminded me of...

E-Fucking-T! Keira Knightley looks like E-Fucking-T! Ewwww!

Keira, if you are listening, and I know you are, please grow your hair back out and wear it down all the time. Then I won't think of you as ET. I really liked you before this discovery but now I don't know if I can take seeing that long ass neck of yours exposed like that. It is just too disturbing.

Am I the only one that suddenly thinks that ET is kind of hot?

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kapgar said...

I dunno if ET is hot, but certainly less emaciated than Knightley.