The Kiss of Death

Posted by Brandon |

I started out wanting to work in minor league baseball, and in fact I did. I worked for five baseball teams in my short career bouncing around the lowest rung of the baseball world, the independent leagues, for four of those jobs.

The indies are inherently unstable. Teams come and go every single season. But still, you have to wonder what role I played in the demise of four of the five teams I worked for. Is it just a coincidence or am I the kiss of death for these poor teams...

Grays Harbor Gulls - Western Baseball League - My first team, one of the better seasons for a Grays Harbor franchise. Folded mid-season the year after I worked for them.

Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings - Central Baseball League - We suffered through a nightmare season and the team never recovered on the field or at the gate - folded one year after I worked for them. The good news is that the team is being resurrected this season in the new United League.

Richmond Roosters - Frontier League - I was laid off after the first homestand after spending the previous three months busting my butt to prepare for the season, leaving me stuck, in Richmond friggin' Indiana - Team was sold and moved to Traverse City earlier this year, two seasons after my brief employment.

Elmira Pioneers - Northern League - I was part of the most successful season in Elmira Pioneers history both on the field and at the gate. Following the season our general manager left to work at the new hockey arena in town and none of us returned for the next season. The owners ran the team totally bare-boned for the past five seasons and the lack of commitment caught up to them and they folded this past week.

Everett Aquasox - Northwest League - Still going strong, thankfully. Of course I only ushered for them. Give it a few more years and the curse of Brandon probably will catch up to them.