Perverted Reader Suggestions

Posted by Brandon |

Last month I solicited some help in the DWP! Suggestion Box...

"All this talk about Molly Ringwald porno started me thinking that I'm not capturing nearly enough of the pervert populations traffic. Sure, because of the name of my blog I get plenty of hits for "girls with their pants down" or "men with pants around their ankles" or "girls who have pooped their pants" and so on.

But these searches are just not doing it for me. I want more hits from people who are searching for things like Janet Reno nude or Jim Lehrer stroking himself or Bea Arthur threeway. You know, the really sick and troubling shit."

Well, you responded and now we all know what nasty, troubling people you all are. So without further ado, here are your suggestions...

Dave at Blogography
Michael Jackson naked

Michael Jackson pooping in his pants as they fall down around his ankles while having a three-way with Janet Reno and Bea Arthur

bou at Serial Killers and Pornos
donkey-punching and college

scat and Keanu Reeves

cumming and goats

dongs and applesauce

fucking machine and cell phone

teedz at It's Hurt if I Swallow
xxx looney tunes that swallow
Ari Fleischer in a thong

old woman fucking

Jeff at Temporary Hero
Michael Jackson & Macaulay Culkin Bukake Snuff Film

Ugh. Thanks I think. And welcome perverts who are looking for this kind of stuff.