March Madness: Washington vs. Louisville

Posted by Brandon |

We are about an hour and a half away from game time and I'm getting psyched up and extremely nervous for the game to start between my Washington Huskies and the Louisville Cardinals. This could very well be the most anticipated matchup and the best game of the entire tournament. I've been waiting for this game since Rip Hamilton hit that last second shot in the '98 tournament to knock the Huskies out.

Most of the national press is predicting that Louisville will win despite being a #4 seed against a #1. The last I heard the betting line was Louisville by 1.5. These are two teams that have been on a collision course since the tourney was announced and each has something to prove against the other. This is going to be one hell of a game but I think the Huskies will prevail in the end.

Do I say this because I am a homer? Yes, partially. But if I wasn't a homer I still think I'd be picking the Huskies. Both teams are very similar in their styles but what plays into the Huskies hands is the fact that Louisville primarily likes to play man-to-man defense. They will play a zone defense against the Huskies but, although quite good, isn't nearly the same zone that other teams like Arizona have thrown at the Huskies only to be defeated. If the zone doesn't work and they are forced to play man-to-man the Huskies will just shove it down their throats.

I'll be heading to the bar in about an hour to watch the game before I have to bowl at 7:00. Hopefully the game will be over by the time we bowl or else it's just going to have to wait. I could be in a great mood or I could be in a foul mood. Either way those pins better watch out. GO DAWGS!!!

By the way, I, and the rest of the country, say it correctly. Louisville residents are the ones who have it wrong. It's not Lou-a-ville, it's Lou-E-ville.

Update....Well, nevermind. The Huskies got handled tonight by a better Louisville team 93-79. It was a pretty disappointing way to finish the season. They got down and they kind of freaked out and more or less gave up. It didn't help that they were unable to get anything going because of foul trouble. When all of your top players are unable to play with any aggressiveness because they might foul out then it's a big problem, especially against as good a team as Louisville.

Oh well, it was a great run and I had a great time watching them. I went to all but one home game and even followed them to Pullman for a game. I watched every tournament game from start to finish and I began to bleed purple and gold this season. It's too bad it had to end like this but it was a season that I'll never forget. Here's to more outstanding years to come. You can bet I'll be in the arena when they play down at USC and UCLA. Go Dawgs!!!