Links, Links and More Links

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This is a lazy post, I know. But this has been an extremely busy week already and it just gets busier tomorrow. Tomorrow is of course St. Patrick's Day and the start of the NCAA tournament with the Huskies tipping off at noon. It also is a huge and momentous day for me and Death?, one that we've been looking forward to for four years or so and will affect our lives for the next three or four years. I'll fill you in on it once I sober up again. Maybe sometime on Friday.

In the meantime, enjoy these lovely links. First for all the Cornellians who visit Down With Pants!...

While flipping through Death?'s alumni magazine I saw an ad for T-Shirt Expressions, the t-shirt shop down on the Commons that I used to buy all my Ithaca related t-shirts from (boy I miss my Ithaca is Gorges t-shirt, sadly it died). Well I went to their website and found this awesome Ithaca is Gangsta t-shirt along with all the Ithaca is Gorges t-shirts. Very cool.

Two of my favorite websites currently have some very goofy stuff up for auction on Ebay. The picture above is a pair of sweet Cingular phones that Rob from Cockeyed.com has up for auction. There have already been eleven bids and the price is currently up to $10.47. You can check out the auction by clicking here

Finally, Steve at the Sneeze is currently auctioning off a chunk of an Orville Redenbacher popcorn meteorite that came into his possession in a most unfortunate way. There have already been a whopping 26 bids for this chunk of charred popcorn and the price is currently up to an unbelievable $33.32. Check out his auction by clicking here