My Pretty Nose Hair

Posted by Brandon |

Today I went to Rudy's Barbershop in Seattle to get myself a much needed haircut. My last haircut at Great Clips was a nightmare that I didn't want repeated so I finally caved in and spent the extra $2 at the hipster haircut place and I was rewarded with one of the absolute best haircuts I have ever had. It's awesome.

But I had a little incident with the my barber (who is a woman, but I don't really want to call her a stylist. Is there another way to say a female barber?) as my haircut was wrapping up that kind of upset me and almost made me not leave her a tip.

I have nose hair. Of course I do, I'm a man, what can I say. The nose hair that comes out of my nose I try to keep nice and trimmed and tidy. It's a difficult task at times but I do my best to keep up with it.

However, I have hair that grows out of the tip of my nose. It's just totally inoffensive fuzz that never gets long, is nice and blonde or white and isn't very noticeable and, for the most part, I just let it be. It's kind of become a running joke and somewhat of my trademark ever since high school.

Today at the barbershop, my barber, after checking out if everything was even, asked me if I wanted her to shave the little patch of hair that grows out the tip of my nose. She said it in such a way that indicated that she was highly offended by it. I recoiled and covered my nose and snapped "NO WAY!" back at her and explained that it was my trademark. To this she scoffed and took a very defensive and almost disgusted tone with me.

I still tipped her because of how awesome my haircut was and I have decided that Rudy's is my new barbershop despite what anyone there says about my nose hair. It's my ugly, hairy mug and I'm perfectly happy with it, fuzzy ass nose hair and all.