Dinner and a Movie

Posted by Brandon |

Last night Death? and I needed to have a date night. It's been a while since our last one and finally we had a movie that we wanted to see. Death? had been craving a couple of slices from a pizza place she walked by near the theatre we were going to so we decided that would be the date. A couple of slices and a movie.

So we headed down to Capitol Hill to the area around the Egyptian Theatre where Millions was playing. About two blocks away is from the theatre is Hot Mama's Pizza. You can smell the pizza place from about a block away and it smells incredible. I'm having flashbacks of some of my favorite pizza places in the world when we were getting near. Unfortunately, we should have just stayed outside and enjoyed the smell. Here's a review I just wrote for Hot Mama's on Citysearch.com...

"We have walked by Hot Mama's numerous times and it always smells great and looks pretty good but looks can be deceiving. If you like pizza that tastes like a saltine cracker with a few weak toppings on it, then by all means, grab yourself some Hot Mama's. Our "server" didn't even throw the pizza into an oven to heat it up. Instead it was served to us lukewarm after sitting for what could have been hours and hours under a weak heating lamp. I think that this could actually be a health violation of some kind.

It was kind of fun in a weird way though, only because it isn't every day that you find the worst pizza that you've ever eaten. If you are looking for a "remember that time we ate that awful pizza" experience, then Hot Mama's is your place."

So after forcing down about a slice of this awful, awful pizza, we decided we couldn't take anymore and left in a huff. It didn't help that a lady brought her purse dog into the restaurant. Come on! It's a fucking restaurant where people are eating, your dog doesn't need to be in there!

So my mind raced while trying to think of something else to eat up in that area. Luckily the last time I was there I noticed Ballet about a block from the theatre. So we headed that way laughing our asses off about just how bad that pizza was.

Thankfully, Ballet was awesome. We had one of the most incredible veggie humbows I've ever eaten. It was obviously freshly homemade. I had the Chicken Sate, which is a coconut based soup with noodles, cucumbers, these awesome unripened tomatoes and cilantro. It was one of the best soups I've ever eaten. Death? had a rice vermicelli noodle bowl that was also delectable. I highly recommend Ballet, especially after eating the worst pizza ever.

After that it was finally time for the movie and Millions lived up to all of my expectations. It is really an incredible film that is so beautifully filmed, well acted and is just a great and moving story. The little kid (Alex Etel) that plays the Saint obsessed and ultimate good boy Damien did such a great job with the role that, although extremely early and unlikely, I think he deserves a best actor Oscar nomination. He's that good. The move is that good. It probably won't be nominated but for me it will definitely be very hard to knock if out of the top position. Millions has set the bar very, very high for the top honor from me this year. Go out and see it now!