Since my last post the Washington Huskies barely held on to beat Stanford 66-63 on Friday night and then knocked off Arizona 81-72 to win the Pac-10 tournament championship Saturday afternoon.

Riding that high at dinner I vented to a friend that if Arizona was being hyped as a possible #1 seed before they lost then I thought that Washington could end up getting a #1 seed after their win. I was really getting pissed off at the fact that I wasn't hearing that talk from any of the pundits.

Then while riding to lunch after a few hours of walking around at the zoo I heard the awesome news. The Washington Huskies sure enough were named a #1 seed along with Illinois, North Carolina and Duke. Just one week ago I postulated that they wouldn't get any respect and end up a four or a five seed playing some bad ass mid-major team that they would struggle with. Instead they will be taking on Montana in the first round on Thursday. It should be an easy win. To get to the Final Four they have to go through some tough competition and could meet Louisville in the Sweet Sixteen and either Wake Forest or Gonzaga in the Elite Eight. God Damn! What an exciting tournament it should be.

In women's college basketball news, my Bowling Green State University Fighting Falcons beat Kent State 81-75 to win the MAC tournament championship and have been named a #13 seed in the NCAA tournament. Excitingly enough for me they will be taking on Kansas State in the first round right here at Hec Ed in Seattle. I plan to be in attendance unless the Huskies are playing at the same time. I hope that isn't the case.