DWP! Suggestion Box: Podcasting

Posted by Brandon |

It's time to open the old DWP! suggestion box again. However, this time it's more about advice than how to improve my site. Of course, if you have suggestions in that manner don't hesitate to let me know.

Anyway, I got an iPod Mini from Death? for my birthday and I'm absolutely loving it. It's so neato. I've put a ton of my own songs on it and I've started to frequent a few podcasting sites, my favorite of which, so far, is Hellthy.

Wading through all of the podcasting sites out there is crazy though and I'm an impatient man. So if you know of any good podcasts that you think I might like, please let me know all about them.

P.S...Totally off topic - I've been meaning to share this. At work the other day we received an order for a rubber chicken with the funniest gift message I have ever seen...

"I know how you women get around spring time, so I am sending you a 20 inch rubber cock."

Classy, very classy.