Merry Christmas!!!

Posted by Brandon |

The next couple of weeks are my favorite time of the entire year, kind of like Christmas for some people. It's March Madness baby and I am totally geeked. I screamed my lungs out last night when Pierre Dukes hit the shot to win the game for Oakland over Oral Roberts and I freaked out a bit when Death? made me turn it to the Gilmore Girls with only three minutes left in the Detroit/UW-Milwaukee game (and I love the Gilmore Girls).

My Washington Huskies tip off the Pac-10 tournament tomorrow night at 6:15 while my other team, Bowling Green, beat Ball State in the first round of the MAC tournament Monday night and will hopefully beat Miami of Ohio tomorrow night and continue their run.

So during this time you will probably have to endure a few more stories about sports than you usually have to. I try to keep this blog sports free because if I didn't it would probably end up being all about sports and nothing else and even I don't want that.

Luckily for you and for Down With Pants! Yoco Hoops has a great new feature where you can write a Diary entry. Basically it's a blog within a blog. I just finished writing my first Diary entry about the MAC tournament. Please head on over there and read it here.