March Madness: Good News and Bad News

Posted by Brandon |

I've got good news and have bad news about the two teams I root for in college basketball. Do you want the good or the bad first?

Well, I guess you'll get the bad first.
My Bowling Green State University Fighting Falcons were hammered by Miami of Ohio 85-65. At 18-11 on the season they might be in line for an NIT bid but if not, their season is over. It was a good run and a much better season that I expected out of them.

Now the good news. The
University of Washington Fighting Huskies (ok, they don't use the Fighting, it just sounded good) beat Arizona State 95-90 in overtime. The Huskies jumped out to an early lead but fell apart in the second half and just barely held on for the win. Hopefully they will have something left in the tank when they face Stanford tomorrow night.

Finally Yoco Hoops
, my favorite college basketball blog (Mid-Majority is also really, really good) is starting a Blogger's Bracket. Just become a registered user on his site and you can compete for cold hard cash for free. I think it's going to be really fun. If you are interested please sign up and let me know that you are going to be in it.

I was considering starting a DOWN WITH PANTS! bracket on ESPN but I'm not sure if anyone would really be interested. Let me know if you are. I might throw in a couple of prizes from where I work to the winner if we can get enough people.