We're Big In Japan

Posted by Brandon |

It was an absolutely beautiful day here today. A little bit on the cold side, but perfectly clear and comfortable for a walk, so Addie and I took a long one around town. We ended up down at the Edmonds waterfront where we walked all the way out to the end of the fishing pier. When we got there, a group of 25-30 Japanese tourists were having themselves a look around. The next thing I know, Addie and I are surrounded by smiling, waving, admiring tourists - we got a heroes welcome. Addie ate it up and put on a little exhibition in smiling and general cuteness and I played along despite feeling like an animal in the zoo.

I'm pretty sure we had our picture taken by a couple people. I love that Addie and I'll be in some Japanese tourist's Seattle photo album. I hope it's a nice one with a Space Needle and a ferry and Pike Place Market on it.

If any other Japanese tour groups would like to see the great white Godzilla and his super adorable baby, please email me and I'd be happy to set up a tour for your group.