DWP! Fantasy Football 2008 - Week 6

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I am Sink Into The Pacific's fantasy football bitch.

No surprises in week six. All the favored teams picked up wins and now it really feels like there is a big difference between the top three or four teams and everybody else. Anyway, here's the week six scores...

Pumpkin Discargers (5-1) - 79 - Drew Brees - 30 points
CineRobots (1-5) - 73 - Vincent Jackson - 19 points

If it wasn't for an injury to CineRobots' Joseph Addai, we easily could've had the biggest upset of the season. To put it bluntly, Pumpkin Dischargers got very lucky this week. Addai's injury and 30 points out of Drew Brees are the only things that kept him at 5-1. CineRobot got 19 points out of Vincent Jackson on Sunday night to close the gap to only six points.

Stop The Clocks (4-2) - 75 - Andre Johnson - 21 points
Culture Kills Lions (2-4) - 72 - Ronnie Brown - 15 points

Stop The Clocks got double digits from only two players, Andre Johnson (21) and Frank Gore (17) but it turned out to barely be enough to beat Culture Kills Lions 75-72. The Lions were led by Ronnie Brown's 15 points and Patrick Crayton's 14 points. The biggest difference in this game: Who knew Baltimore's defense would get so thoroughly trounced?

Hut Hut Oz (5-1) - 106 - Clinton Portis - 25 points
Snackiesonics (1-5) - 58 - Roddy White - 17 points

Snackiesonics' running backs: 0 points. Hut Hut Oz's running backs: 43 points. 'Nuff said.

Kapgar's Crusaders (6-0) - 86 - Tony Romo - 28 points
Warped (3-3) - 81 - Correll Buckhalter - 23 points

It was much, much closer than Kapgar wanted, but behind 28 points from Tony Romo and 16 from Matt Forte, the Crusaders continue their six game winning streak to start the season. But it came at a price: Tony Romo is out four weeks with a broken finger. Ouch! Warped got 23 points out of mid-week pickup Correll Buckhalter. Nice move.

sinkintothepacific (3-3) - 86 - Aaron Rodgers - 26 points
Down With Pants! (2-4) - 80 - Steve Breaston - 16 points

I should've known that I would lose when I saw that Aaron Rodgers was playing the embarrassingly bad Seattle Seahawks defense. Sure enough, Rodgers scored 26 points and I lost by 23. I just want to thank Snackiesonics for not setting her lineup or picking up players, because if it wasn't for her, my team would be the league's lowest scoring squad. What a joke.

RW's Cranky Bastards (3-3) - 95 - Braylon Edwards - 23 points
Honea Express (1-5) - 63 - Maurice Jones-Drew - 26 points

Braylon Edwards finally came through for RW scoring 23 points to lead the Cranky Bastards to an easy 95-63 victory over Honea Express. Marion Barber contributed 22 points and the surprising Kurt Warner added another 17 to the blowout. The Express got 26 from Maurice Jones-Drew...and that's about it to extend his losing streak to five games.

So RW and Kapgar are facing each other this week and it's a great illustration into why fantasy football can really mess with real life. Both are from Chicago. Kapgar will be playing three Bears against RW, so RW has to root against the Bears players, and probably the Bears themselves, if he wants to win. Kapgar has Adrian Peterson, who is playing the Bears, so he has to root for Peterson to run all over the Bears. How confounding, how confusing, how frustrating, I'm sure.

Best game of the week pits Pumpkin Dischargers against Stop The Clocks. Worst game - DWP! vs. Snackiesonics. Yuck! CineRobots versus Honea Express isn't that much better though

Here's the schedule for week seven...

Kapgar's Crusaders (1) vs. RW's Cranky Bastards (6)
Hut Hut Oz (2) vs. Culture Kills Lions (8)
Pumpkin Dischargers (3) vs. Stop The Clocks (4)
Warped (5) vs. sinkintothepacific (7)
Down With Pants! (9) vs. Snackiesonics (12)
CineRobots (10) vs. Honea Express (11)

Bye teams this week: Atlanta, Philly, Arizona and Jacksonville.


kapgar said...

Oh yeah, rub in Romo why don'cha?

MC said...

The painful thing about this week's loss is I had the root cause of my defense's breakdown (Peyton Manning) sitting on my bench. Damn you Favre... DAMN YOU!

RW said...

I want the Bears to "win ugly".